Construction Project Management: 5 Course Bundle


6 Hours Formal CPD

In this series you will learn best practice for handling contingencies at every stage of a construction project, from contract selection, pre-award, contract changes, delays and disruptions, and concluding with loss and expense.  

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23 August 2018 - 12:00pm

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Course 1 - Global Construction Contract Selection

  • Traditional procurement methodology
  • Design-build/ Turnkey/ EPC contracts
  • Re-measurement contracts
  • Target costs contracts
  • Cost reimbursable/ Time and Material contracts
  • Management contracts

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Course 2 - Contract Terminology and Pre-Award

  • Contract terminology
  • Contract responsibilities
  • Bid documents
  • Bid process

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Course 3 - Construction Project Management: Change Management

  • Introduction to change management
  • Definition of a change
  • Formats of change requests
  • Provisional sums
  • Methods and examples of valuing changes
  • Change management
  • Record keeping
  • Change control procedures

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Course 4 - Construction Project Management: Delays and Disruptions

  • Introduction to delays and disruption
  • Explanation and categorization of relevant events
  • Explanation of a good delay notice
  • Contractor’s obligations regarding delays
  • Architect/contract administrator’s obligations regarding certification
  • Non completion certificates
  • Liquidated and ascertained damages
  • Methods and examples of demonstrating delays
  • Cause and effect schedules

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Course 5 - Construction Project Management: Loss and Expense

  • Introduction to loss and expense
  • Loss and expense procedures
  • Causes of loss and expense
  • Parties obligations relating to the subject
  • Architect and contract administrator’s obligations regarding determination
  • Content of contractor’s notices
  • Methods and calculating head office overheads
  • Record keeping

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Learning outcomes

  • Identify different contract procurement routes and associated risks
  • Consider the impact of contract choice on project outcomes
  • Assess and price the risk of your contract choice
  • Identify the common contract sections
  • List key contract terminology and be able to apply it in real life situations
  • Identify the key documents necessary during the bidding process
  • Utilize provisional sums and recognize their consequences
  • Manage the change process through record keeping and change control procedures
  • Identify events that may trigger a delay or disruption
  • More knowledgably handle various extension of time scenarios
  • Prepare and deal with a contractor’s loss and expense notice
  • Advise the various parties relating to this subject on their obligations
  • Keep records to assist in loss and expense ascertainment
  • Presenter


    Sorina Du Toit MRICS

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