Time Management 2

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2.0 Hours Formal CPD

Developing effective strategies for managing your time is important to help you balance the conflicting demands of time for work and personal life. Sometimes it may seem that there is not enough time to do everything that you need to and this can result in increased stress.  This course is part 2 of the Time Management series designed to help you effectively balance the work and personal life demands on your time.


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Learning outcomes

  • Optimize the relationship between efficiency and effort
  • Identify the obstacles to excellent time management
  • Manage your time in a global context
  • Develop your ability to remain calm without succumbing to panic
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    Course information

    Once you have identified the issues and ways in which you can improve the management of your time, you can begin to adjust your routines and patterns of behavior to reduce any time-related stress in your life. Some of these include managing your time to serve your goals, prioritizing your key tasks and improving your productivity and performance.

    Course Content

    There are four modules in this interactive e-learning

    • Managing your time strategically
    • Focusing on your key priorities
    • Improving performance through time perception   
    • Increasing your productivity in a fast-paced world

    Who is this course for?

    This e-learning is suitable to all professionals.

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    Enrollment duration: 60 Days

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