The Keys to Communicating by Telephone

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Managing phone conversations is an integral part of our working life, whether you are communicating with colleagues or customers. Improve your telephone communication and become more comfortable in professional phone calls.

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Learning outcomes

  • Respond successfully to the customer’s request
  • Leave a good impression
  • Be an effective liaison of your company or organization in a stressful situation
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    Course information

    Telephone conversation is one of the most used methods of communication in business enabling you to connect with people in different locations. Most of us spend a lot of time on the telephone so it is important that we handle calls in a professional manner.

    This course will cover the specific stages of phone conversations, each with its own simple rules that allow you to manage your phone conversation comfortably. You will learn to optimize your image on the phone, as well as that of your department and your company.

    Course Content

    This e-learning has two modules covering the following topics

    • Mastering the basics of building a relationship over the phone.
    • Making successful initial contact.
    • Exploring what the person you are talking to wants in an appropriate manner.
    • Responding effectively to their request.
    • Leaving a good impression with the other person.

    Who is this course for?

    All professionals who have to manage phone conversations with customers.

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    Enrollment duration: 30 Days

    Languages: English French German Italian Spanish

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