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What do our training solutions offer?

RICS Training offers a variety of training courses that are aligned with globally recognized best practice standards and competencies. Our network of experienced professionals provide expertise across numerous sectors in the built environment. Their insight’s span from specialized and international valuation through strategic facility management.

With industries evolving at a rapid pace, organizations need to adapt to stay ahead of the competition. To meet the demand of your evolving market, ensure your professionals have the skills and resources to anticipate and prepare for the challenges of the industry. Professionally trained staff can be the key not only to the growth of your organization, but also to enhance business strategy and delivery.

Whether employee onboarding, expanding into new markets, preparing for a product launch or engaging in yearly professional development, specialized training solutions from RICS can help you meet successful outcomes. Drawing from the vast information and knowledge of our professional body, our courses are always content rich and at the forefront of the skills needed by professionals to meet your organization’s unique requirements. Our trainings are designed and delivered to allow significant interaction which ensure learning is consolidated and contextualized to readily apply the principles and processes covered.

Top 4 reasons why you should choose RICS for in-company training

  1. Tailored: Our training professionals work with your teams to discuss, identify and develop relevant training solutions tailored to your needs
  2. Flexible: We can deliver courses in the format and channels of your choice. This can be online, in person or a blended approach.
  3. Delivered by Experts: All programs are developed with our global network of professionals, incorporating their expertise, knowledge and practical advice. Our expert training team reviews all content to ensure quality, best practice and consistency with applicable international standards.
  4. Private: This personalized option allows you to discuss sensitive issues including competitor challenges and pressing business concerns

For more information on our training offerings, courses available and other details, please provide us with your information and we will schedule a time to discuss your training needs or contact us.